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1.) Entrepreneur dies young because he exploited workers!
2.) Children of entrepreneur die because he exploits workers!

Woman on beach in Rio illegal topless:
"Brazil is very devout! She should respect the beliefs and traditions of a country and not be an egoistic idiot!"
"The female breast is a secondary sexual characteristic, I also do not let my balls dangle from swimsuit!
Sure, her bosom was nicer than my hairy scrotum, but the main problem is that people have through stress less and less time for sex and sexual frustration makes a very strained relationship climate. And you really don't have, especially to young men at puberty, to heat them up! Or?"
"These are people with inferiority complexes who seek confirmation from strangers!"
"All admire her at beach and take photos. This is balm for every soul. At this moment, she don't think, that she could hurt."
"If she needs confirmation, she shall show herself at strip club!"
 "The Forbidden is always very appealing."
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MAXIM voted Eva Longoria to 'women of the year':
"I don't like Eva Longoria, because she said, she comes to the AIDS Lifeball in Vienna/Austria, but she didn't come. She prefered to make party and go shopping.
Now, after playing in Desperate Houswives, she makes in Europe advertisement for cat food ...
Yes indeed, she is really a woman of the year ... buhahaha"

Barbie XXL:
"Yes, that is a very good topic and should repeat again and again. This topic demonstrate that neither the one nor the other is really desirable!
Super, clever action!"

Miley Cyrus: A young girl, who can finally live out her sexuality!

"All stories, that are told to you, could be a lie. Accept it, but don't believe it!"

"If somebody gets a stone on his head, accept it, but, if you were not there, it could also be a lie! Even, there is a video - the video of an eagle, that is grabbing a baby, is a fake, a production of students!!!"

"Dear Buckingham Palace! Electric radiant heater? Serious! The carbon footprint of such a device is sobering!"

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