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"I will never buy again an expensive computer. After a year, my 1000,- Computer with Windows, needs insane 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot !!!
The next time I'll try a PC to 500,- with SSD ..."
"Do you have changed your Anti-Virus Protection?"
"Yes, from Avira to Bitdefender. But tests say, Bitdefender wouldn't need so much resources!"

Windows has totally no chance on the Tablet and Smartphone market. They should focus on their main business!

After 4 years, my Intel Core 2 Duo with Windows7 is now as slow as my Intel Celeron D before!

Youtube-Video :-D

Sept: Microsoft will buy Nokia

Windows 8:
Jan.: Acer says: Windows 8 is responsible for low sales.

Windows 8, a colored wall:

"We would live in a perfect world, when Microsoft can connect all systems (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop) just in its first Version."

"Before I have to take Windows 8, I take no PC ;-)"

"Sales launch of Windows 8: The price is almost costless!"
"Like: 'Away with this trash!' ;-)"
"They destroy their own reputation!
Many costumers lost their trust and stay with XP!"

Allegedly, in Windows 8, Microsoft will put the desktop user interface far behind the touch screen user interface. We personally want our customary desktop user interface! We hope, this decision will not become a second Vista disaster

free 1000,- Euro for ...