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Many people mistake fluorine with fluoride. Funnily enough, no one mistakes the deadly chlorine gas with chloride! Because chloride and fluoride are no gas, but a mineral salt. And sodium chloride is cooking salt. Some frozen pizzas have in addition to 75% of the recommended daily allowance of fat also 110% salt!
So if you eat kilos of salt, but you just clean your teeth with toothpaste, then the chance is, that you die on high blood pressure caused by sodium chloride, 1.000 times higher!
Or you let off the fluoride and you rot the teeth. Because everyone knows that teeth are very important not only for the look, own teeth also prevent a lot of pain in the body!
All in the world is harmful, if you take too much of it: "Food Industry serves us dirt"!
"I'd rather die of too much fluoride, as no one wants to talk with me because I have no teeth!"

Tooth Flesh Blood Pain:
.) Mouth wash without a brush. Only with paste (use less water).
.) Use a disinfectant solution, for example "Tantum Verde". Repeat after every meal (no sweets, or hard), snacking (and drinking).
.) Use once a week "Elmex gel" toothpaste.
.) Brush your teeth focused and featherlight.

I take a little bit of "Parodontax" paste with water and shake it in my mouth. So I don't have to buy mouthwash.

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