Vaccination, tick, lyme disease, encephalitis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria

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bladder cervix prostate breast cancer, HPV vaccination:

"Smoking causes not only lung and throat cancer, it is also responsible for diabetes, hypertension, cervical cancer [Whether the HPV vaccination still helps your cervix, I can't say!], prostate and bladder cancer!"

Breast implants cause an increased risk of breast cancer!!!

"HPV vaccination is very new on market. Apparently 2 girls already died! And a young girl is now a nursing case!
When the vaccination against smallpox came out, there were also deaths due to smallpox vaccination.
On the other hand, if you look at the measles -but it already exists since decades!-:
Without vaccination: one in 1,000 to 20,000 dies + meningitis gets one in 1,000 to 10,000
With vaccination: mortality rate is zero + meningitis gets one in 1,000,000 ...
It's your decision, but please on the basis of many informations!
There is never one hundred percent certainty ...
2015-02-19: Next year, 2016, there will be a new HPV vaccination. Which doesn't protect only up to 70%, but even up to 90%. We hope, that the side effects have been attenuated.

"After a long time of passive smoking in work, my grandfather, 75 years old, got cancer in his prostate and few years later, the dangerous Hutchinson cancer in his bladder!!!
The doctors are very proud of him, he is a successful showpiece patient, because they removed his Hutchinson Cancer. But now, you have to ask yourself, how much are actually died on Hutchinson!?!"
"Child dies of lung cancer, because of smoking parents!!! :-("
"Shisha is 10 times more harmful than cigarettes!!!"
"Good News! Pulmonary infarction survived and the most deadly Hutchinson cancer of my grandfather is dead! But after many month of therapy in hospital, they asked my grandfather, when was the last PSA test? Are they dumb!? What has they done in the last month?! Maybe, nose picking!?"
"No, kept the cost low!"
"But that's not all! Although pulse just at 30! they did no ECG and gave him a heart pacemaker after he felled out of chair in front of his three years young granddaughter!!!"
"New evidence that smoking kills: Brother of Camilla Parker Bowles, Mark Shand, left house to smoke, slipped and died!"
Smoker leaves shortly his work to smoke. But he stuck for 24 hours in swamp, near his work! Well, well, the addiction is driving one to doom ...

"Breast Cancer / Angelina Jolie"