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Lose Weight

Too much is unhealthy

1000,- Euro

That is all 100% natural:

"100% natural in advertising for products:
90% of these 100% is just all-natural, non-chemical water.
And the top flavor carrier is, right: sugar. 100% naturally grown sugar beet or sugar cane.
What is even natural? Right, the flour, that saturates very well.
Oh yes, and the palm oil, for that companies cut down the whole rainforest and sell it to the gas station as fuel too!
Cow blood makes also very natural a creamy chocolate!"
"You forgot the natural sawdust!
That grows as a tree very natural in the woods and stuff the stomach pretty good!"

With sign lice, the food industry gets natural red color, for example strawberry yogurt. Because, for worldwide demand, exists only 10% real strawberries! And the bark of the birch tree is responsible for the strawberry flavor!

"In Canada, from a paper factory, they win of the 'natural' waste water vanilla flavor!"
"Even from 'natural' puddles are extracted germs to produce food."
"So you can say, the food industry can make money from any dirt very well!"

Lose Weight:
The body burns the alcohol first, then the fat. Very much fat burns during sleep. So, who drinks a lot of alcohol, eats a lot of oily food and sleeps less, will become fatter and fatter!
yummy: counterfeit drugs from the internet from abroad can include rat droppings, road paint, furniture polish, etc. - Bon appétit!
Oh! I forgot the diet pills, filled with nutritious cement and a spicy rat shat!!!

Too much of one thing is unhealthy:
Salad: nitrate (by too much fertilizing)
Bitter Chocolate: cadmium (zinc soil)
Vegetables: pesticide cocktail (too much against pests)
Beer: estrogens (causing men breasts and belly)
Fish: mercury
Forest Fungus / Wild: radioactively contaminated by Chernobyl
Contaminated antibiotics: pork, chicken / egg
[Cows: steroids - in the EU banned]
[Water: contaminated by fracking - only realized in a few countries, like chlorine chickens]
Therefore, never eat unbalanced!!!

"I become so angry because a producer of Pumpkin / Cranberry has 200% recommended daily allowance for vitamins. Till I saw that another manufacturer has up to 1000%!!!
Are they insane, wants the food industry to poison all of us!?! YES!!!"
"That's called profit maximization!!!"