1000,- Euro

Visit the eye doctor regularly, even you don't wear glasses, otherwise the eyes become even worse, and then you need a 2cm thick glasses!
Regular control is also better, when you are a driver!

When driving, the sunglasses shall not exceed a definite level of darkness! Ask your optician!

Laser eye surgery correction:
Man loses up to 80% of his sight!
CAUTION WHEN: dumping price (almost half the price than usual), mass processing (many people in the waiting room), hours of waiting in the waiting room, drops for pupil dilation ON THE SAME DAY as OP (which is forbidden) !!!!

I wash the eyeglasses and frame under warm water.
Then I use a microfiber cloth to clean the glasses.

If you have troubles with the frame. Give the glasses away and make a break!

Glasses protect your eyes against UV and dust.

Don't buy glasses online. The optician needs your eye distance!