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Steroid acne are widespread. These have no bacterial pus!
Stress produces cortisol, which is then delivered as steroid pimples on the skin!
So, they are no pus pimples, but purely chemical pimples!

Who has stress, eats more sugar and fat, but the pimples are from the stress!

Don't wash your face in the morning, or your pimples will shine very bright red!

Before going to bed, I wash my face and then I give "Benzaknen" gel from the pharmacy. The pharmacy has the best "stuff"!
And after waking up, I give thin "Ultrasic 50" cream on my face. The skin have to breathe! "Ultrasic 50" cream contains no aluminium. Aluminum closes the pores.
In summer, if I sweat too much, I don't give cream on forehead and nose.
Ask your dermatologist!!!
Attention! Some creams contain aluminum, so the skin can not breathe!

Once I had a red mark on my face that just would not go away. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a homemade cream from the pharmacy and after a few days the mark was completely gone!

Shave dry. It's better for your skin and for the environment.